Convenient and Secure Self-Storage for Your Home or Business


Security Questions

Can I have 24-hour access?

Yes, if our regular access hours are not adequate for your specific needs then, 24-hour access may be granted upon request in certain locations. There is a “per period” fee for this service and you must complete an application form with our office.

What is PIN Code access?

In select locations we offer individual unit alarms. At the time of rental, you will choose a code that will allow you to enter the building and will disarm your unit. The same code will be used to exit and re-arm your unit each time you leave.

What happens if we are locked in the facility after hours?

You will still be able to leave the building. However, an alarm will sound when you open the doors. You will then need to contact the emergency cell number in order to have the main gates opened for you to exit the property.

Can a unit have more than one access code if more than one person is using it?

No, only one access code is assigned per unit.

Why is there an opening along the top of the unit?

To ensure adequate airflow for the heated buildings. Depending on which building you are in you either have mesh over the top of your unit, or bars/mesh between units.

Is your facility alarmed?

Select sites offer individual unit alarms. We pride ourselves on offering a secure and safe facility. Ask our office for more details on our security systems.

When am I able to access my unit?

Access hours vary by location. Ask your location for more details.

Account Questions

Do I need a credit card to rent a unit?

It is preferred. However, we do accept debit and cash with proper identification.

How do I setup auto debit?

If you are an existing customer, simply log in to “Your Account” through the link at the top right of our website and follow the on-line instructions. Or, feel free to visit our office and bring a void cheque to complete an authorization form. If you are a new customer this can be done at the time of rental. Please call your location for more specific information.

Need to update your banking information?

You can do this yourself by logging into your account using the Your Account link on the top right corner of our website and following the on-line instructions for auto-debit. Alternatively, please contact your location directly and we will update the information for you when you complete the related paperwork.

Is there a minimum stay required?

The minimum rental charge is 4 weeks. You may move in or out within a shorter period of time, however, only full, unused cycles of rent are eligible for refund.

When is rent due?

Your rent is due on the first day of each rental period. Usually, the day you move in and every 4 weeks thereafter.

Do we have to give notice when moving out?

We require 14 days written notice prior to moving out. Also, once you have completely vacated the unit, you must let the office know so that a unit inspection may be conducted.

What happens if I pay my rent late?

Your access will be suspended and a late fee(s) will apply. After 30 days your account will be referred to our Collections Officer for further action.

Why do you bill every 4 weeks?

Most of our customers have short term needs. Billing every 4 weeks ensures that you only pay for what you use.

What payment methods do you offer?

Bank Auto Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Debit and Cash.

General Questions

Do I need insurance?

Yes! We can take care of this at the time of move in. Your first premium is on us!

Do you have indoor vehicle storage?

Yes, you may store vehicles inside our larger units. There are restrictions and requirements when the vehicle is stored – please contact our location for more details.

Can I leave gas in the gas tank?

No. When storing vehicles in an indoor unit, vehicles must be empty of fuel and other similar substances (propane tanks for recreational vehicles).

Can we store paint or other similar materials used for our business?

In order to maintain our fire and safety standards, no hazardous, flammable or explosive material, fluid, or chemicals are permitted. This includes paint.

What is the temperature of the units?

All of our buildings are heated to help prevent mold and mildew. While we do not cool the buildings we try to ensure that the temperature is at least an average of 10°C. These buildings are massive so the temperature does vary from one place to another and depends on whether you have a small indoor unit on the second floor vs. a large outdoor unit. However, the majority of our exterior roll up doors are insulated and equipped with draft stops to help keep the cold air out.

Can we install shelves?

Yes, of course you may install free standing shelves in the unit, if you ensure they will be completely removed upon move out and will not damage the walls of the unit.

Can I work out of my unit during the day?

We are a secure storage facility. Should you wish to access your belongings while they are in storage of course you may. We only require that the unit door be left open at all times while you are in your unit as this is a fire regulation.

Do you have outdoor storage?

Yes. We have outdoor spaces for vehicles as long as 40 feet. We do require a copy of your registration and insurance (storage insurance is ok) to be placed on file.

Will you accept deliveries on my behalf?

Yes! Please ask our office for more details.

Are your units and facility wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Our office, hallways and units are wheelchair accessible. In addition, some locations now have special remote control access available to the gate and/or individual specialized units.

What payment methods do you offer?

Bank Auto Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Debit and Cash.

Do you rent moving trucks or vans?

We have a free move in van offer – ask our office for more details.

What is a mini unit?

A mini unit is just that! A miniature version of a storage locker that suits a few contents or seasonal items. They range between 9 and 25 square feet but are only 3 or 4 feet high. Call us to learn more.

What does personalized service mean?

We believe that each of our customers have different needs. Our team is committed to providing you with personalized service. Tell us what you need and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Can I store food, spices or any organic material?

NO! Absolutely not! In order to maintain a clean and pest free environment for all tenants no food or organic material of any kind can be stored in our facilities.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! When you tell your friends about us you will receive a value up to $100! See our office for more details.

Packing Supplies

Can I phone in an order for packing supplies ahead of time?

Yes, of course, we would be pleased to prepare your order for pick up at your convenience.

Do you have dollies for rent?

No, because our dollies are FREE! If you wish to reserve the use of one please call the office.

Do you sell tape guns?

Yes, this is another highly used packing supply that we carry.

Do you sell locks?

Yes. We have a variety of types to choose from in our office.

If I don’t use all of the supplies I purchased, can I return the unused items?

Yes. You may bring back any unused and/or unopened items within 14 days. A full refund will be provided upon presentation of your receipt.

Can I special order different box sizes?

Yes. If we don’t have what you need we are happy to follow up with our supplier to find the product that is right for you.

Do you sell moving kits?

Yes. We have different moving kits available. Moving kits are sold in packages suitable for different packing needs and include everything from boxes and tape to newsprint and labels.

Need Packing Supplies? We’ve got everything you need.

Moving Supplies


"I have my household goods and valuables stored with SFYL for the last 3 yrs, the facility is well cared for, always clean, great staff! When I have to retrieve or put something into my unit, I can drive in park by the building, carts available to move the heavy stuff in and out, the security is second to none, my belongs are always in good order!"

Regina Cort