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Move Out Notice

We’re sorry to see you leave your storage lockers! As outlined in your rental agreement, please make sure you do the following to ensure you receive the applicable refund:

  • Provide 14 days written notice.
  • Clean your storage locker out completely and sweep up any debris
  • Visit our office once you have completed your move out so that a proper inspection can be completed and your contract can be formally cancelled.

To provide electronic move out notice please take a few moments to complete the fields below. We will follow up by phone to verify your request. To extend or adjust your move out notice, please contact our office and we will be happy to update our system.

Have something you need to get rid of from your storage locker? We offer a wide range of recycling, donation and disposal services. Please ask our office for more details.

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* Location:
* First Name:
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* Expected Move Out Date:
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"Always clean and uncluttered. Changes seem to open up more space making it accessable and usable. very handy location close to everything."

Kevin Bigelow