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Sizes and Prices

Whether you need a large space or a small space we have a size that will work for you and your budget. In order to provide a more accurate space calculation we recommend you contact us so we can assist you in making your decision.

Unit & Building Features include: Secure Storage

All Storage for Your Life facilities are monitored around the clock. In addition to a PIN Number controlled personal alarm for your unit, you have the option of using your own lock or purchasing one from our office.

  • Heated Buildings

    Indoor lockers and most garages are heated for optimal storage and comfort.

  • Generous Space

    Ample hallways and access areas make it easy to move in and out.

  • Moving Equipment

    Dollies and other equipment are available for your use.

  • Well Lit Facilities

    Parking lots, hallways and large storage spaces are lit with safety and sustainability in mind.

Our most popular sizes: Prices vary based on availability. Call Today!
Mini Locker - 9 sq.ft. 3' x 3' .084 sq.m.

Holds extra items like photo albums, file boxes, Christmas gifts, keep sakes, and college dorm contents.

$14 - $23
Small Closet - 25 sq. ft. 5' x 5' 2.32 sq.m.

Hall Closet; room for several boxes (stacked) and smaller furniture items.

$57 - $97
Large Closet - 50 sq. ft. 5' x 10' 4.65 sq.m.

Walk-in closet; fits a loveseat, chair, misc. items, mattress set and boxes (stacked).

Small Room - 75 sq. ft. 5' x 15' 6.97 sq.m.

Small bedroom; fits contents of a bachelor suite without appliances.

$110 - $145
Medium Room - 100 sq. ft. 10' x 10' 9.29 sq.m.

Average size bedroom; ideal for a one bedroom apartment plus washer, dryer and several other items.

$149 - $222
Large Room - 150 sq. ft. 10' x 15' 13.94 sq.m.

Fits contents of 2 bedroom apartment without appliances.

$195 - $339
Small Garage - 200 sq. ft. 10' x 20' 18.58 sq.m.

Small car garage; fits contents of 2 bedroom apartment with appliances.

$225 - $372
Basic Garage - 250 sq. ft. 10' x 25' 23.23 sq.m.

Single-car garage; fits furnishings from a 2 bedroom home with appliances, or car/pickup/boat.

$313 - $438
XL Garage - 300 sq. ft. 10' x 30' 27.87 sq.m.

Extra large garage; fits contents of 3 bedroom home or load from 40’ moving van.

$320 - $477
Mini Office Warehouse - 551 sq. ft. - 1088 sq. ft. 19' x 29' – 32' x 34' 51.19sq.m. – 101.08 sq.m.

Small business; store front or warehouse space for your business, training area or retail use, plus extra storage space!

$566 - $1750
Contact us at 1-877-373-7395 for information on additional sizes and prices not shown above

Need something different? We can provide a custom space just for you.
Minis - 16 to 24 sq. ft. (1.5 to 2.2 sq. meters) Request a Quote
Large Units - 315 to 750 sq. ft. (29.3 to 69.7 sq. meters) Request a Quote


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