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Size Guide

We understand it can be difficult to visualize exactly what will fit inside your storage locker. That’s why we created this easy to follow chart to help estimate the approximate size you’ll need to store your belongings. Visit our Storage Tips section to find out how to maximize the use of your storage space.

Throughout our various locations there are in fact over 60 different actual sizes to choose from as small as 12 square feet all the way up to over 1000 square feet. Whatever you need to store, no matter how big or how small we will most likely have the right size to fit your need, and your budget.

Our most popular sizes:
What Will Fit
Mini Locker - 9 sq.ft. 3' x 3' .084 sq.m.
Holds extra items like photo albums, file boxes, Christmas gifts, keep sakes, and college dorm contents.
Small Closet - 25 sq. ft. 5' x 5' 2.32 sq.m.
Hall Closet; room for several boxes (stacked) and smaller furniture items.
Large Closet - 50 sq. ft. 5' x 10' 4.65 sq.m.
Walk-in closet; fits a loveseat, chair, misc. items, mattress set and boxes (stacked).
Small Room - 75 sq. ft. 5' x 15' 6.97 sq.m.
Small bedroom; fits contents of a bachelor suite without appliances.
Medium Room - 100 sq. ft. 10' x 10' 9.29 sq.m.
Average size bedroom; ideal for a one bedroom apartment plus washer, dryer and several other items.
Large Room - 150 sq. ft. 10' x 15' 13.94 sq.m.
Fits contents of 2 bedroom apartment without appliances.
Small Garage - 200 sq. ft. 10' x 20' 18.58 sq.m.
Small car garage; fits contents of 2 bedroom apartment with appliances.
Basic Garage - 250 sq. ft. 10' x 25' 23.23 sq.m.
Single-car garage; fits furnishings from a 2 bedroom home with appliances, or car/pickup/boat.
XL Garage - 300 sq. ft. 10' x 30' 27.87 sq.m.
Extra large garage; fits contents of 3 bedroom home or load from 40’ moving van.
Mini Office Warehouse - 551 sq. ft. - 1088 sq. ft. 19' x 29' – 32' x 34' 51.19sq.m. – 101.08 sq.m.
Small business; store front or warehouse space for your business, training area or retail use, plus extra storage space!